Our mission is to provide high quality medical transportation services that our patients and healthcare partners can trust.

  • Compassionate and Trustworthy Employees
  • Superior Clinical Care
  • Extensive Training
  • State of the Art Communications Center
  •  Reliable and Modern Fleet
  • Constant Vehicle Monitoring
  • Fully Equipped Fleet Department
  • 24/7 Customer Care
  • 30 Years of Experience

The On Time companies were incorporated in 1990 with two wheelchair vans, one station wagon, and a few friendly drivers. Today, we are proud to be celebrating 25 years of service to the tri-state area. 

We have almost 300 caring and dedicated employees, 130 modern vehicles, and multiple locations in Northern, Central and Southern New Jersey. We have been awarded the New Jersey EMS Private Provider of the year from the Department of Health and are considered one of the most service-oriented companies in the industry.

Our faithful employees and health care partners are the reason On Time has gained its reputation as one of the premier medical transportation providers in the tri-state area. We invite anyone to come tour our modern headquarters so you can witness our high performance environment and caring culture first hand.

There are a lot of “moving parts” in a well-run medical transportation company.  In order to truly provide excellent service, all departments must work well together.  This is why we have developed our own High Performance in Motion (HPiM) program, whereby all 11 of our departments understand their respective key performance indicators (KPIs) and work together to help one another hit targeted goals.  Our powerful gears visual has 11 arrows that represent our 11 critical departments.  The dark blue arrow in the middle represents our field associates who are the frontline and face of On Time.  The other 10 arrows represent the departments that  support our amazing field associates, but not in a typical corporate, top-down hierarchical organization, but rather a team approach which is represented by the gears in motion.  By teaching all associates, in each department, what KPIs they can affect, and how to improve them, On Time is leading the way in running a High Performance medical transportation company.





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Safety In Motion

Safety In Motion

Because we care so much about the safety of our employees and patients, we developed our own unique Safety in Motion program and campaign. Our employees are provided the necessary tools, equipment, and training to keep themselves, and our patients, safe.

Here are a few examples of our safety tools and programs:

  • “Stay back” bumper stickers and chevron tape on the back of our vehicles.
  • “Tone it Down” driver behavior program that provides individual driver report cards.
  • Vehicle tracking system which also reports vehicle speeds, hard stops and cornering.
  • Slide mat patient transfer system.
  • Power stair chairs that safely take patients up a flight of stairs.
  • Proper OSHA-approved footwear for all field associates to help prevent slip and fall accidents.
  • Stryker power load stretchers and XPS system for bariatric patients.
  • Safety in Motion poster campaign that constantly reminds all of our employees that safety matters and is and important part of our culture.

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